The roots of THUNDERATION trace back to the end of 2013 in Kraków (Poland), where Dutch vocalist/drummer Danimal (lead vox, drums) met Martin (guitars). Attempts were made throughout 2014 to get a proper band going, which sometimes appeared fruitful and other moments appeared like going nowhere. During a dozen or so sessions that took place in 2014, some ideas surfaced that eventually  would end up on the band’s first release 2,5 years later.

A new effort was made in spring 2015, when Phil (guitars) answered the call. Recognizing his immediate talent, Danimal and Martin took on Phil’s advice to add Dave (bass) to the lineup. On June 11, 2015 the quartet which would become THUNDERATION played for the first time and is seen as the starting date of the band.
As it became clear that this group would hold together, a name was needed. THUNDERATION was chosen, as the 19th century Americanism covered all requirements of a rather original, rarely used, single phrase expressing something powerful. A subsequent logo followed swiftly and the band began to appear on social and musical media by the end of 2015.
In 2016, THUNDERATION went through rapid growth acceleration: first, there was the launch of the band’s very own website, of which this is the second version.
The band subsequently jumped into the studio to record their debut release Where Are The People?  This release includes the elaborate ‘Rift’, the ballad ‘Free at Last’ and the bulldozing thrasher ‘Bonequake’. The digital copy was released on the band’s first birthday June 11, 2016, while a hardcopy disc-version was released at the end of the year. It was released on Record Union and is available via the e-store on this website. Digital versions can be downloaded from various points, including Bandcamp, iTunes, Google and Spotify.
The release was well received and well reviewed: "… to find something good or catchy. And here comes THUNDERATION (…) and it made me stay with their entire album ‘Where Are The People?’ until the end” (Review, Półkowy Polski Album Roku 2016). The same review also sheds a light on the musical style of the band: ‘…a lot of variety. It all evolves around “heavy guitars” (…) sometimes metal, but it also slides towards progressive and even comes within alternative territory.’  Indeed, that does come across with how the band labels its own HEAVY GUITAR MUSIC – on the crossroads of heavy rock, metal and progressive.
THUNDERATION used the second half of 2016 to finish up their studio THUNDERATION HQ within the Guitarmanic-building on Celarowska 4, Kraków (Poland) as well as preparing fresh material. The upcoming year is all about more recording, more gigs and more Thundering!
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